Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There is always one

You know how there is always one thing that gets left out. This is ours.
I was CERTAIN I hadn't missed anything this year. And there it sits on the hearth. DRATS!
We are having a heat/water wave now. It's 49' and POURING. The wind has been whipping up pretty good too. However it's NOT SNOWING!!!!! The kids are back in school. Bugs is in the school choir and doing well, I'm working.... life is going forward.
I have been making strawberry jam tonight. We have been out for 3 days. If you know my kids at all you know this is a CRISIS! I have blueberries out for tomorrow night. My mom and Auntie LOVE blueberries. HAHAHAHA! I love making jam and my boys thought that's the only way it came. When I had Monkey, Thing 1 came home on leave and before he left I talked him through making a double batch of Strawberry jam and he took most of it with him when he left. lol My oldest brother used to stop by a few times a year on the way to races and bring me empty jars and say he needed refills. He's my biggest fan. Peace to you.


  1. I need a strawberry, raspberry, and...oh lets see how about an applesauce? Thanks!!

  2. I would like raspberry please. Oh, well more than jam I want a raspberry pie. You make the VERY BEST. Oh, my bathroom needs painting again. LOL - just kidding but not about the pie. Sharon said you were sick. Hope youre doing better.

  3. School???? You have a place to send your curtain climbers? We're closed here...buses can't get to half the district due to all the water...sniff. Means Darling will be stealing my horse again today.

  4. Oh and you KNOW how much I'm jealous of those blueberries! You could hand your wooden horse by his neck like UB :)