Thursday, January 8, 2009

Becareful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for! If I heard it once I heard it a million times, Please let this snow go away....... OK it did. NOT a good idea. It has POURED for 3 days. We are locked in unless we can get the jet out. I-90 closed, Hwy. 2 - closed, I-5 closed. Canada is our only option. School was not cancelled or delayed. I think we were one of the few. We are not in danger at all but there is water EVERYWHERE! I hope you all can stay dry and warm. Peace to you.

This is normally a small creek in Machias.

There is neither a lake or river here! It's a pasture.

Poor horses. No river or lake here either.


  1. Isn't this weather crazy!?! And what cracks me up is the people who are saying they can't wait for Spring to get here...uh it rains during Spring too. It's going to rain up until June if we are lucky or well into June like it did last year. Glad you guys are alright though...I think we can get out of Enumclaw now...Yippeee!!

  2. Received pictures from our friends of the old home town, Shelton. It too is flooded! Yuma looks better (even with the wind and chilly temps at night) all the time! LOL!!!
    Love, Joy