Friday, March 6, 2009

Because one good thing deserves another

Skater dude decided he needed a new doo too. So off we went to Lisa again.


Before 2

Before 3



Lisa is our hero.

3 haircuts in 2 weeks...... whew.

I was tagged by my mom....... 6th folder, 6th picture

This is my mom and Auntie ( her favorite sister) in Keywest waving to me on the phone and on the computer in real time. We loved it! I wish we would have thought of doing it when my auntie and family were in NY at times square - dangit!
Have a great weekend - Peace


  1. WHATE A HANDSOME SKATIN DUDE! Not I know Mylie Cyrus is looking for him :)

  2. Lisa is going to be RICH and famouse! Skater Dude's cut looks good! How did your Aunt and Mom do the live video thiny mabob?

  3. Lea and Her MustangsMarch 7, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    Wish we were getting to go again. The very best vacation in my whole life.

  4. Anita, There is a site of live cam's in Key West and one is outside of Sloppy Joe's and thats the one they were standing at. VERY funny. But we are easily ammussed!