Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know I'm a bit early but I am thankful for Spring. (It's about 5 hours away) Winter is necessary and at times beautiful but I am ready and enjoy our bits of green and the blooms that are here already. I love the feeling of a promise kept that Winter won't last forever. I love looking at seed packets for our garden and thinking if I need new flowers or not. If I should take the roses out, what would I put where they are.. DH likes the roses, I do not...... Those are the nice kinds of worries. Peace


  1. How come you don't like roses? They say Spring will be here at 4:44am, how do they know they exact time? Winter is fun until February...then its just overkill from then on. I'm excited for my first garden!!! Love You!

  2. I want to go see the Tulips!!!!!!!!!!