Saturday, March 14, 2009


Thursday night Bugs was staying with a friend (no school on Friday) and at 3:30 AM the mom called to let me know Bugs was throwing up and could she bring him home? I paused (don't judge me!) for a very small moment wanting to tell her No, he's already sick at your house you keep him. But alas I said Oh yes bring my poor lil baby home! I met her at the door, saw Bugs to bed and went back to bed myself. Yesterday and today he's been very quiet and really still so I know he didn't feel well. Tonight he's WAY better. :-) It has been rainy and dark all day. The last of the snow is gone and I know my bulbs and plants love the rain, Spring is coming! Today I will admit I didn't even get dressed. :D My favorite thing to do is to shower and put on a clean nightie. lol I cleaned most of my house yesterday and since today was icky out I just was comfy all day. I hope you all had a good day. Peace


  1. I am so sorry I passed bugs to your bug. HAHAHAHA! I'm glad he's doing a bit better. Lee's on the mend, he's bothering me so that's how I know he's better. But I'm with you on wondering why Bugs couldn't stay at his friends house...she saw it first...kinda like a dirty smelt it you delt it...right?

  2. I think it unfair that the one day this week I dressed that you didn't! Next time let me know BEFORE I go to all that trouble.