Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is the whole fam damily on my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. (2007) We had such a good day.
Mom and dad, 4 of 5 kids and spouses and a whole bunch of grandkids. Most from your's truly!

When I started this blog I was trying to protect my family's privacy just a tad, so Thing 1 and Thing 2 were thought of on the fly, Everyone else's name is relevant to them. So upon further review I have renamed Thing 1 as Heir Apparent and Thing 2 and Drummer boy.

The sun came out and my friend and I went walking today. It was so nice. We used to walk every day at 10 pm. Life has happened to both of us but we have promised to make it a goal again. We both love to walk late at night and blow the day off. I miss it. BUT I am a fair weather walker and do not like walking in the rain. That limits us a bit this time of year doesn't it. Heir apparent came and worked in the garden today. He found some carrots and they were still crispy. Monkey was "Helping" him. I'll show you how he helps.

Heir Apparent (Thing 1) Monkey and Friend. :-)
Happy Sunday Peace


  1. Oh it's so NOT fair that he gets to get in his garden and DO something! I love the 'help'! Hope your Sunday dinner was good with the family!

  2. The "Heir" is very ambitious with this garden. Daniel borrowed his dad's tiller and broke the cord. That's about as far as he's gotten :)