Monday, March 9, 2009

It's starting to be funny

We woke up to snow this morning and then it snowed off and on all day. And guess what it's suppose to do tomorrow too? Isn't it beautiful? NOT But it is starting to be funny. I just feel bad for my flowers that are blooming. I bet they didn't see this coming.

Monkey in the bath this morning. He fell back asleep and was
snoring! He was tired.

Our mini blizzard this afternoon.



  1. No it is NOT funny. I like it crunchy though like it is here. But funny - not so much.

  2. I LOVE ISAAC'S PICTURE!!!!!!! That's hysterical:)
    Ya think Yummy would do that LOLOLOLOLOL only we know why that's so funny! oh and it was 80 deg here today. it was 80.. 80 degrees ? btw did I tell you it was 80??????????? bad auntie :)

  3. Oh Auntie Sharon you are MEAN! 80 degrees!! sigh..and I'm with Auntie (yes I've adopted her, cause I can) I LOVE Isaac's picture...hehehe cause I've done that too, fallen asleep soaking in the tub!

  4. Ok..little adopted niece Anita.. Now you did it, we woke up to 30 degrees and sleet! Are you all happy now :-0 It will be in the 70's next week and I'll be happy to let you know though :)

  5. HA! Adopted Auntie Sharon...serves you right all that gloating and rubbing in...until next week that is, in which case you will again be gloating about your win :)