Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well it IS Tuesday...

Today was very quiet. I worked at the Mansion. BEAUTIFUL home, marble tile floor - HATE THEM!!!!!! Just saying. Dh's alternator went out on his truck this morning. I HATE car trouble. Well that's not true, it's not so much the car problems that bug me it's the FIXING of them that I don't like. Dh had a job in Seattle so he took the Garmen - Carmen's Garmen, hehehehe You would have had to have been there! He even programed it and everything. He is not a computer guy or gadget guy. He has a good grasp on his cell which if you know him you know is HUGE! So it took him right to his job and he was so very tickled. He said if you didn't know this house was there you would never see it. Yeah for working - even if it is in Seattle. Peace

Well.. When Bugs went down to bed he found his little bird had died. It's not a good night at our house! We had a cockatiel for years, 2 years ago I gave it to my niece. We did NOT miss it. Then last summer our neighbors came over and got Bugs and a cage to come catch a paraket that had landed in their yard. They did this without asking me first mind you. Then when it was caught they GAVE it to him. He's such a critter guy. So we know nothing of how old or anything and it was dead tonight. Tomorrow there will be a funeral. No more birds! RIP Tweety 2009.


  1. You should market Carmen's Garmin! HEHEHE! Sorry to hear about Lanes bird, Tweety. Hope the funeral goes alright.

  2. ooooooo that's so sad! not about Carmen about Tweety.. Poor Bugs :(

  3. Plese give the Buggy boy a hug from his Grandma. I am sorry. Your dad programed our Garmen and it got him to Natches. He was quite proud.

  4. We named our Garmin "Carmen" because it rhymed but I didn't make the connection to YOUR Carmen until now. I was thinkin of Carmen Meranda (SP?), the Hispanic singer/actress that danced with a huge hat covered with fruit in the movies back in the 40s.
    So sad about the little bird.