Sunday, September 6, 2009


My daughter of my heart, sister, friend Anita and her husband and Dh and I all went to see Bill Engvall last night. OH we had so much fun. I have known this girl since she was a little girl. I have watched her grow into a beautiful women and a wonderful wife and mother. I love her and her family. We laughed sooooo hard. I will never hear the words "Renaissance fair" in the same light EVER. I did ask Anita if she could breathe at one point. Now in her defense Bill is very funny. He put on an adult show without being nasty or gross or crass. It was just a very fun time. We stayed at the casino he performed at as it was over 3 hours from our home. Dh and I had fun. We played penny slots and broke even with our meals. Anita and Frank even paid for their hotel. We did not.

Anita and I

Bill Engvall

Beeeeill - That's how his wife says it.




  1. Well aren't you just WAY too much! and you looks so cute!

  2. Aww! You are too kind to me! Thank you! Frank said he thought it would be fun to do that again...WHO KNEW!?! He was thinking Ocean Shores...I had so much fun and I couldn't breath...he was so much fun...can't WAIT for Jeffffffaaaaaa! :)