Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday dinner

Today we had our normal family dinner. Roommate had to work later and Heir apparent needed to have dinner a bit earlier so Roommate didn't get to come. Heir apparent and Mindy came and Rescue Rita had stopped by - she's been on vacation - and had a birthday present for Bugs. I finally got her to sit down and eat with us.
Heir had asked for spaghetti so that was on the menu. And T2 had asked for a cobbler. So today was a day from scratch. I made the spaghetti from my own tomato sauce that I had made. Then we had cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden in our salad. then I made garlic bread. Bet you thought I was going to say I made that too. Well I sort of did. I put the butter and garlic on the bread and baked it until it was done. :) but I didn't make the bread. Earlier I had made a cobbler from the apple pie filling I had canned earlier this summer. I took a vote and the biscuit top won over the crisp top. Dh does not like Cool whip so our deal is I will buy heavy cream if he will whip it up. So after dinner Dh whipped the cream and I took the still warm cobbler out of the oven and we had dessert. It was sooooo good! Rescue Rita and Mindy almost licked their plates. It was funny! I sent the last of dinner home to Roommate but no dessert. We have had burgers and or dogs almost every Sunday all Summer long. It was nice to cook something else for everyone. I am sure we will grill again, it's just to long of a Winter to not.

I would like everyone to guess what Rescue Rita brought Bugs for his birthday. I do not know if I have done something to make her hate me or what. She bought him a worm farm. A WORM FARM! She thinks she's soooo funny and clever. The Bug boy was OVER THE MOON! He has asked for a ant farm and I'm very glad she didn't do that! You layer this colored sand on top of layers of dirt. It makes it so you can see the trails the worms make and I quote from the book It makes the worms poop in techno color. Isn't that just special?!?!?

I hope everyone has a blessed week.
May all YOUR worms poop in techno color!


  1. I should have been at your house for dinner! I think I you should keep the techno colored worms at Rescue Rita's house...and we can be thankful it wasn't ants!

  2. Techno POP????????????????? oh I just need a picture of that!

  3. I love Rescue Rita's gift. Every boy needs worms. At least in a worm farm! Especially Bug boy. I guess that would only come from one who has hundreds of worms in her compost container. Glad I could help out with the worms. Hope it works for the Bug boy.