Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A girl, Some fish, A swim and a goodbye

Today has been a good day. I went to work. Monkey went to daycare, and Bugs and Dh went salmon fishing. Heir Apparent and Girlfriend met up with them. We now have 10 salmon in our freezer. Well I guess only 7. Heir took 3. They vacuum packed them. I'm sure we will give some away. Tomorrow is Monkey's fishing with daddy day. Here is my day somewhat in pictures.

A flower in my window box.

Walker lounging on the deck. I have taken this out and re uploaded twice and it still comes out sideways. I have no clue why.

10 Salmon in my kitchen.

Dh and part of the catch.

Princess and Monkey and Bugs. I didn't think it was that warm but they did and had a good time.

An addition to the slide. They had a BLAST!

Princess after her bath and a walk.

Princess getting a lesson in knife sharpening from Papa. She kept getting her face closer and closer no matter how far he moved from her. He finally just stopped so they could play instead.

PAPA! She was very indignant because Papa wouldn't twirl her around anymore because he was WAY to dizzy.
It was very hard to see them leave. They are headed home in the morning. I missed them the minute they walked out the door. Drummer Boy will be happy to have his little family home. Baby Joel got some nice things and he won't be nekked or in pink when he comes. I hope you had a wonderful day too.


  1. Hands on the hip!! a little "tude" there!

  2. Well Walker's pic is that way just to tick you and I love that she's indignant...TWIRL PAPA TWIRL!!!