Thursday, September 10, 2009

Monkey's First day of school

Today was Monkey's first day of kindergarten. He was a little nervous this morning before we even headed out. We got off to a good start.

Starting to happy up a little.

Finding his name on a table.

Name tag is on.

Just before all hell broke loose!
A mom brought her non English speaking son in and left. He knew not one word and starting sobbing! By doing that he set off a train wreck. The other kids just KNEW he knew something they didn't and half the kids started crying. Monkey did and then I started. A T.A. came and sat with him after we wiped tears (not just mine) and Dh and I left but stood outside where we could see and before we left he had stopped crying and picked up his crayons.

The bus is coming!!!!!

I'm home Mama!

He had a GREAT day after all and can't wait to go back tomorrow!


  1. How I MISSED this post I don't know but I did! He looked so happy until THAT kid got there! I love that he came off the bus with a HUGE smile! All couldn't have been bad for the rest of the day!