Friday, July 9, 2010

Look what I got!!

My very sweet and favorite daughter in law and son got me the most beautifulest grandmother's ring for my birthday! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! It is so beautiful.

Don't mind my ugly hand. I have very dry and ishy hands. LOL But doesn't the ring just make them beautiful?

Don't look if your squeamish. This is my knee update, here it is from the other day. The doc wanted the scab and dry skin off. I would not pick it.

It's going to be an ugly scar.

and tonight after scrubbing and soaking it off. I hope it heals faster now.
Bugs is at my parents farm. It is so quiet here without him. I hope he's having a blast but boy we miss that boy! They have grasshoppers there and he loves to catch them and to look for Praying Mantis's. One time we found one on my brother's headstone at the cemetery. That tickled us. Summer is finally here. It has been really hot. Our house doesn't cool down very fast in the evening but it has been a very long cold wet Winter/Spring so I will not complain. It feels nice to be warm. I wish we had a pool again. We used to have one for several years. Heir Apparent's friend sat on the side of it and it EXPLODED! It was 1500 gallons of water SHOOTING all over the yard. It was like a tidal wave. We just never replaced it. Now the kids just tend to put the sprinkler under the trampoline and jump on it. They have so much fun doing that.


  1. The ring is SO beautiful! the knee......uhhhhh not so much :)

  2. Lovely ring!!! Some daughter-in-law and so you got there :) I really, really hope your knee gets better fast! It's just gone on too long!