Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture dump part Duex

Monkey turned 6 on the 1st. We gave him a choice and he wanted to wait until Drummer and family were here to celebrate. So on Sunday after dinner and before fireworks we had his birthday. He was so excited. He got really nice gifts!

New games!

Transformer cake - The brother's picked it out for him!

Heir apparent and Buster.

Drummer boy and Skater - on the gators.

Red white and blue salad.

Buster's beautiful face!

Skater and Princess having a light saber fight. Princess won!

Tinkerbell at the park for the hand off. I so hated to see her go.

Bugs found this. He came up and said Mom look a seed with a mohawk.

One of our fireworks.



  1. Mohawk!!!!!!!LOLOLOL.. Buster is a cutie face

  2. Frank and his mom had the same Transformer cake a few years ago! Very cool! Happy Birthday Monkey! Your firework pictures is cool!