Saturday, July 31, 2010

Team work and Rabid Racoons

This weekend Anita and her 4 guys, and The Littles and I went camping. It was so nice! The weather was beautiful. We spent the days on the beach and the evenings in camp. It was so relaxing and nice.

Baby Eli and Scout. He LOVES her. She is such a good sport and let him walk her around.

If that doesn't look like trouble I don't know what does.

One of my boys favorite things to do is to get drift wood out and float around on it. Monkey wanted this log out there. He couldn't do it alone. So along with the other guys they set out to get it in the water. It actually took them quite a while but they did it!

Monkey, Lee, Ian, Bugs. They were moving it along.

Dru came to help!


Fruits of their labor! They did this all day long. Normally I would have tied a rope to it and to something else so they couldn't go out farther then they could touch but we were using the rope as a clothes line in camp. NOTE TO SELF - more rope in the camping box!

Dogs weren't allowed on the pier so we took turns, Anita and Lee and Ian and Charlie - the dog and Scout.

Monkey, Eli and Dru. The people were catching crabs right and left! Made me want a crab pot too!
On Saturday night after we had put the kids to bed Anita and I were enjoying the quiet and just chatting when I saw movement by our cars. I said "we have company". Anita shined her light up and what I thought was a wondering dog was a family of raccoons. We both thought aren't they cute - go away. When we shined the light on them they moved off. As I walked up the restroom before going to bed they ran off the road in front of me. We banked the fire and went to bed. I was woke up a few hours later to VERY LOUD chattering right by my head. I thought uhhh what is that???? RACCOONS! They were by the tent. I went pppsssssssssssttttt! and clapped - silence - then the chattering started up again LOUD and fast. They were saying to each other "What the heck is that lady doing ppppsssssssssssting at us like we are cats?" They would not go away. I could see their shadow's outside the tent. I was kind of freaked out. I had vision's of them doing a pow-wow all round our tents as they prepared to attack! Anita's dog who had put himself to bed HOURS before I went to bed had growled at me for fiddling in my makeup bag(yes I'm a girl and take a make up bag camping - no I didn't put any on, but I needed stuff in it) when I went to bed, SLEPT through the entire raccoon attack! My Scout slept blissfully unaware and wouldn't have bothered anyway! I did the pppsssssssssssssttttttttt! and clapping thing and then added a GIT! At one point I thought "I'm grabbing my babies and making a run for the van". We have slept in it before, the bed is actually very comfortable then I remembered DANG the window is still broken, it's not safe at all! LOL Oh bother! So I did some more pppppssssssssssssssttttttttttting and clapping and then hitting the sides of the tent. Then they finally moved on. I then realized since I was up I had to back to the restroom! Next time we are getting a site closer to them! I had to make myself leave the tent. I just knew those rabid raccoons were lying in wait for me! LOL I finally was getting back to sleep and then there was a LOT of running up and down the tree right next to us. The squirrels were up! Atleast they weren't chattering and trying to get in the tent. I finally went to sleep as the sun was up. LOL Thankfully everyone slept in a bit. We had so much fun.



  1. Do you know how hard I'm laughing??????????

  2. I'm laughing too!! I slept right through all that noise. I will say though I was up the night before being neurotic about my kids staying the last night was her turn to be up. Just sayin'!