Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandma Camp Part 2

All of these are in no particular order.....
I had been taking pictures of them and she didn't know I was there, then she got her eyes on me and it cracked her up! Princess said "I see you Nana!" It was very cute.

Raven & Spirit - actually his name is Wrangler but he looks like Spirit from the movie. Those giant horses are so gentle with little people. I think they just KNOW they are dealing with tiny folks.

Wrangler and Monkey

Drummer. He's going to kill me for this. I trimmed his hair up and then braided it for him. We were trying to show my nephew how cool braids can be. He has tried to grow his out several times and gets frustrated and gets it cut.

My beautiful sister. She had been painting the kitchen.

Sky - my nephew.

DIL and Buster. They were sticking their tongue's at each other.

Bottle calf. He just learned to drink from a bucket.
But he still wanted/needed to suck, so I let him suck on my fingers. He was so happy.

The peeps!

Chrissy and Monkey doing grandma's toes. He was dead serious and very intent on doing a good job. He is using his right hand because of the angle, he usually is a lefty.

Buster doing pushups.

Drummer went fishing and he caught 2. He was the only one - just like his dad.

Princess at the pool.

Drummer relaxing poolside


Monkey thinking about jumping in.

Ready.... 1, 2, 3 jump!

Friend, Monkey and Bugs at the pool

Then we had to come home.


  1. Princess is doing so good with pictures!

  2. Love the first picture of Princess by the pool! Great shot. Drummers face has not changed a bit since he was little! I can still see the 6 yr. old drummer in there!