Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm SIX!

Monkey at Ms. Anne's. He's taking CUPCAKES!!!!!

Just before pandemonium broke out! He was TOTALLY the man of the hour with a wild bunch of 6 kids!

Today is OFFICIALLY his birthday!

Our granddaughter Tinkerbell is here! She's here for the weekend. (Yes she's wearing her Uncle's pj's.)

These 2 are nothing but trouble! They have so much fun. My house hasn't seen this much Barbie action in a long time! Bugs and Monkey are very good sports about playing Barbie with the girls.

I can't believe this catsup face is 6 years old! Goodness I love this boy.


  1. Oh his Auntie and Uncle love that beautiful boy too. He does need to be on the cover of a magazine! and Tinker Bell looks so grown up with her hair longer~

  2. Man oh Man!!! Man of the Hour is an understatement!!! Happy Birthday Bugs! I love you!!!!