Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spa day and vandals

Heir Apparent and T2 got me a spa day for my birthday. I went today. It was so much fun. I was a little leery at first. Having never been before. I have had a massage so knew what to expect about that. I had a facial and my eyebrows waxed and a massage. A 90 - NINETY minute massage. I almost fell asleep. I loved the facial! It was very soothing and relaxing. The conversation I had with Mindy before the appointment about "waxing" kept running through my mind. "What kind of waxing are you thinking of? Me - UH eyebrows - only eyebrows!" I do not want any hot wax or stranger that close to my yoni thankyouverymuch. So while the facial and waxing were going on I had to make myself not laugh while remembering. However the women doing it said if I ever wanted to it's not a big deal and I would never go back to not. HA!
The massage was wonderful. I had some knots in my back that really hurt but it all feels good now. I really appreciate the gift from the boys, it was wonderful!!
The other night at 3:35 AM Dh and I both heard a "noise" not a good noise. He got up and looked out and saw a car driving off. He came and laid back down and then popped back up and threw on some pants and went outside and then the cussin' started! Those dumbpunkass kids had broken the drivers window out on my van! They had hit several cars in the neighborhood. Dh called the police and since we are now incorporated into the city we got an actual city police. We usually get the sheriff WAY later after the fact. So it was kind of nice to get a police - FAST. The cop came with his police dog and took a report and then drove around the block to see the other cars. When he came back by we had the report filled out. When Dh and the police were standing outside talking (AT 4 AM) his dog was barking like crazy. He wanted to go to work so bad! The police finally had had it and he opened the car door and SHOUTED - SHUT UP! and slammed the door. LOLOLOL It was just a fluke that my van was even parked on the street, Dh blames himself for that. He did it but you know you should be able to lay $100 bills across the front of your yard and they should be there! If something isn't yours LEAVE IT ALONE! Anyway.......
Bugs is still at the farm and Monkey is missing him terribly. Monkey will get his turn later this summer.


  1. OMW!!!! I can't believe that happened to you guys!!! Have they caught anybody yet? I love that the police had to yell at his partner to shut up...hahahahaha How many times have we wanted to do that to our partners...lol I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself on your Spa day, sounds like it went really well! And I'm with you on the waxing in THAT area...not so much to say on that subject :) Love you!

  2. OH you SO should have said to the girl "REALLY????, MAY I SEE YOURS?" :)