Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm not going to be able to do this story justice, but please just go with me. It is HILARIOUS!
When we got off the ferry in Seattle yesterday evening we wanted to go see if Pike Place was still open. A small back story, when my mom and I are together I drive. I don't get upset by the traffic and I usually know where we are going. I live here, it just makes sense. Soooo we got off the ferry and are working our way through downtown Seattle When leave the doc you have to go UP hill. I hit EVERY light for 4 blocks up a hill that would make San Francisco proud! At the first light my mom was so funny! She was squealing and had her hands over her eyes! Her car isn't even a clutch! So picture this, she's in the front with her hands over her eyes moaning in fear. Monkey says Grandma, are you afraid the car is going to roll backwards and crash into the water? HAHA So she had me so worried that when the light turned green I BURNED OUT! OH my word it was funny. I laid some rubber down! Mom laughed just a little until the very next light turned RED on us! I laughed, she covered her eyes! I spun out just a little but not like the first time. IT HAPPENED AGAIN at the very next light! Only this time it was almost nothing. I told mom when dad asks where her tires are she better not rat me out! THEN wouldn't you know it Pikes Place was all closed up. Sigh..... oh well. I wish we would have had more days to play but I just didn't have them this time.
Heir brought a friend from his Air Force days to dinner. She is in town for her job and he brought her to dinner. We had enchilada's and cookie salad. Roommate didn't come so I sent him pictures via text, he was bummed. He tried to say it was Heir's fault since he hadn't told him about it. I sent a text back, we have dinner every Sunday son! LOL T2's girlfriends grandpa died during dinner. They knew it was coming but it still took all our breath away. We all feel very sad for her. She is flying out tomorrow night. If you think of it please pray for her and her family this coming week.
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. Oh Mom is SO MUCH fun to ride with!

  2. You don't need to tell all you know Nikki. It WAS scarey. Please tell Stephanie I am so sorry. Her decision to go or not go was settled.

  3. If it were you and I YOU would be driving!!! I do NOT drive in SEattle...But Pike would have been SO much fun!!