Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm not lost!

I have been MIA again. Sorry. That's certainly not the way to build a blog is it! Sigh so here is last week in a nutshell.
On Tuesday it was the first day of school. NONE of us were ready. Bugs is in Middle school/Jr. High. Whatever it is called where you are. I just don't think that 11 year old boys are ready for 6 teachers. The supplies we had to get this year were just NUTS! A stapler? Seriously! They are also not allowed to carry their backpacks, so how does this kid carry all the stuff he needs for 6 classes? It's crazy I say! Anyway. We meet his bus and he got to school just fine and managed his locker just fine! He is doing good. His notebook is a mess already. I hope we both make it through this year.

Bugs on his first day of 6Th grade. He's so handsome!

Monkey is in the first grade and was so excited he was vibrating! I on the other hand spent the morning sobbing! He loves his teacher and seems to have settled in OK. This is the child who a week ago was still taking a 2 hour nap. He is tired when he comes home but he has a snack and gets his second wind.

Monkey on the first day of 1st grade!

DIL's family was coming into town for a gathering so she and the kids came for a visit again! They have been able to come several times this year and we are loving it! Princess just gets better and better every time. She is just so painfully shy. But boy does she love her Uncle Bugs and Uncle Monkey.

My Princess!

Buster is sitting himself up and moving all around, backwards. He is so funny. I think he is the happiest baby on the planet! He loves everyone! He has the sweetest giggle.

Buster and Skater

Buster and Monkey

Buster and Papa and Monkey

Buster and Heir doing knuckles!
In the middle of all of this my Mom has a very bad morning where she couldn't catch her breath so my dad took her to the ER. The first thing they threw out was pneumonia. Her left lung was full of fluid. But it wasn't pneumonia. She was having issue's with her heart. They admitted her. She had a nuclear stress test and ended up having a heart cath. The last time they did that they did it through her wrist, this time they went through her groin. She did not have a fun filled 3 days. She is fine. They changed her meds and would like her to change her eating habits. It was not fun for me being this far away. Next time I'm going with my gut and just going. I was as worried about my dad as I was my mom and I didn't like that he was there alone.
I sent my mom some flowers to the hospital. She was out of her room for tests and someone signed for the flowers but she never got them. Who does that? So finally 3 days later they resend them to her house. That has left an ugly taste in my mouth.

Princess being a silly goof.

2 special boys! Look how big Buster is getting.
Skater had a friend visit this weekend. She is from Portland and her folks came up for the opening game on Sunday. They were rooting for the opposing team. We kicked their rears! HA!
Heir is a season ticket holder so he was SO VERY happy! Her parents, not so much. :)

Skater and girlfriend.
So here's to a better week! We need to be on a better schedule and have a whole lot less stress! Or I might need to be on blood pressure meds!

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  1. Go HAWKS!!! Buster and Princess are so big!! I'm so glad your mom is feeling much better...and I can't believe Bugs is in 6th grade!!! As for the backpacks...seems to be the norm here too..seems a bit odd for me...and there's NO WAY Monkey is old enough to be in 1st grade!!!