Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yesterday Walker had his surgery. He is a hurting unit. 2 of the lumps were just fatty tumors as they said and no big deal. One was on his side and under the muscle sheath. It was just a fatty one but it was deep. So he is very sore and stiff. He gets pain meds. One of the tumors looked a little sketchy. We will be watching him. His ears were bad but all clean now. Lots of drops and ointment and antibiotics for the next 2 weeks. I was hoping for stitches but they used staples. I have only caught him licking once.
When I went to pick him up we did all the paying and paperwork first. Then when snooty nurse brought him out I said oh you didn't wrap his head. She said No, it's already drying up and he'll be fine. As she said fine Walker shook his head and showered everything/everyone in the waiting room with blood. Up my back included. I just stared at the women! She said I will go wrap him up now. YA THINK????? Oh it was ugly. The nice nurse came around with a bleach water mop and started cleaned up. It was so funny in a not funny way. Really lets not wrap a bleeding ear on a dog who got the injury from shaking his head?? Anyway.......

This is how he looked when he got home. This is the deep muscle wound.

He was being driven insane and we thought it was the pain in his ear, but then I got on the floor to check him over and the stupid dolt had put tape over his eyes! Then I really thought she was dense.

He was trying so hard to be understanding.

I pulled the top tape off and rolled the bandage back and then wouldn't you know it we had no medical tape! I know where it went! My knee! Oh well. Having a Drywall Taper in the house means we have masking tape! So blue on our boy it is! He hasn't bothered it ONCE since we got it off his eyes. Tonight we take the bandage off and start the washcloth/salve routine! We were told to do it outside or in a bathroom. I'm guessing after witnessing the Bloodbath of 2010 I'm doing it outside!


  1. Kinda like as a first time mom taking your kid in for something cause you KNOW something is wrong, only to have the nurse/doctor look at you or tell you to stop worrying cause you're a first time mom! I MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING HERE PEOPLE!! Sheesh! Too bad you can't say something to them about the tape over the poor fella's eye! Good grief! Get better Walker!

  2. Walker is so lucky to have good parents like you and Carmen. I hope he gets well real soon!