Thursday, September 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Something happened this past weekend that really got me to thinking. I know the man didn't MEAN to be rude or an ass but he was nonetheless. When you see a large family do NOT I repeat do NOT say ............

Do you know what causes this????
HONESTLY? Do you honestly think people have SIX children by accident? We have heard this MANY MANY times, you are not the first and it's not funny. You just look stupid saying it! I have said before much to my husbands horror - Yes, and we are very good at it! :)

I have 6 boys. NO we were NOT trying for a girl! PLEASE do not ask that if front of my boys! What a way to invalidate my guys. We just wanted a large family.

No we are not Mormon, Catholic. Do we really need to bring religion into it?

There really is no need to say "wow you need a few more kids" . The last time this was said there was actually 4 of mine not with me. You have no idea if we have had a loss or buried a child, you don't know that maybe every day we think of those who aren't with us.

Are they all yours???? Well I'm not normally in the habit of taking other people's children so I'm guessing their mine. Because of course you are the very first person to ever say that to me and I STILL think it's hilarious. NOT!

No they are not from a blended family. But you know there are many ways to make a family and not every one's kids look exactly like them. I assure you most people don't want to discuss if a child's adopted or born to another father or whatever with you in a check out line! If they say yes they are all mine, smile say precious and drop it!

While I'm on my mini rant PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ask a parent with a child with obvious special needs "What is wrong with him?" That is just thoughtless. There is nothing WRONG with that child. Just don't do it! Just say Hi and leave it alone.

And last but not least I KNOW I am lucky and I thank God it's me too!

You know there are more, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said something stupid to me about our kids. How about we all just comment on how beautiful they are, how blue his eyes are, how shiny his hair is... we don't have to make chitchat that makes you look silly. Thank you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing......


  1. Ugh Yes! We get comments ALL THE TIME!

  2. of those sounds familiar...oh who am I kidding...all of them sound familiar!!! Thank you for your announcement!

  3. You forgot to mention people calling you grandparents and your kids parents :)

  4. I wish there was a way to put this on a button or something...I think lots more people need to read this!