Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I had a whole funny post composing in my head. Then I took Walker to the vet. :( He has had chronic ear infections his whole life. He can and does stick his head into any body of water. He has bad ears. The groomer on Friday found a hematoma on one of his ears. It has gotten very large over the weekend. GROSS! He has a broken blood vessel in one of his ears from shaking his head. The vet checked him all out, he has yeast infections in both ears and the hematoma and 3 lumps on his side that they are sure are just fatty tumors but since he's going to be out to fix his ears they are going to take them off to make sure they aren't Cancer. Our poor boy. When they fix his ear they cut it open and on one side use like a hole punch and make several small holes then sew them shut. Weird huh? I was telling my aunt about him and she reminded me he was FREE! HAHAHA. He's such a sweet boy though. Everyone loves him. The vet needed to look at his side and was trying to roll him over with no luck so I asked, "Would you like me to have him stand?" He said sure. I said Walker UP and he stood up and the vet was impressed. :) Our boy weighs 115 pounds! That is a tad fluffy! So tomorrow the boy has is to be fixed up.