Sunday, September 5, 2010

The one where we cram it all in!

We are in the final count down to school We were trying to do as much as we could since Dh was off and we were all home together.
When you are involved with 4H you don't always enjoy the fairs after a while. Well Skater has been out of 4H for a few years now so we are starting to like going again. We went on Saturday. It looked very threatening out. It stayed beautiful! Not one drop of rain on us. It rained in the night. It was a wonderful day. The Littles are big enough we didn't take a stroller, that was a wonderful change. The only scary thing was we were walking by a restroom and I got my eyes on a very panic stricken looking little boy standing all alone. I went over and leaned close and asked him if he was lost. He said he thought his GaGa was lost! He kept trying to leave and I asked him to stay with me. We stayed right there and I asked if he would stand on this bench and help me look for GaGa. She is wearing a red shirt Mateo said. Mateo is 4 and very scared but he stayed with me while Dh went for Security. They came and they looked at me and said You come with us ma'am! As they were talking to the big Security people via radio we were walking to the lost child booth we passed a lady who jumped up and screamed. It was GaGa! She hugged Mateo and then hugged me. Then she had to call Papa to tell him to come back that he had been found! WHEW!

Bug's friend, Bugs and Monkey

Monkey and Bigfoot. I am always amazed what an artist can do with a chainsaw!

Totem poles

A very tall cowboy!

This little piggy went to market..............

I don't know who they were but they were in the dairy barn and they were OUT! Very sweet.

I think pygmy's are so cute!

Old John Deere!

A Dino exhibit at the fair! Funny huh?

They actually were really cool.

This is Monkey a little scared telling his dad NOT TO MOVE!

RIDES! Monkey is fearless but to short for the big rides yet. He was so bummed. This one he stood on his toes and ran after Bug's. I don't think they guy quite knew what to do.

Twirly things.

Katie and I.

Monkey on the Carousel. When everyone was exhausted we headed home.
So on Sunday we slept IN! Since we had missed church we got up and headed down to Seattle to Pikes Place Market. I have wanted to go all summer and I could never get anyone to go with me. Today was my lucky day. Dh wanted to go to Bumper Shoot while we were there at Seattle Center. Come to find out it was not a free thing! So we didn't go. We didn't care. If I lived close enough I would have a bouquet every week all season long! LOVE them.
Love this part of the Market.

REAL bugs under glass in one of the underground store.
I didn't take many pictures of in the market. There was just to many people! It was crazy! One of the funniest things we saw was a fluffy lady pushing a stroller with a VERY large basset hound dog LAYING in the stroller! Just cracked us up. I did get to go into one of my favorite store's. Sur la Table. A kitchen gadget extraordinaire! Then we headed down to the piers. Bugs was with his friend so it was just Monkey and us. He was a super good sport. We went to dinner down on the pier. It was so beautiful we ate outside. I love the Seattle waterfront! I think we live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

A cruise ship heading out! I wanted to go! I don't even care where it was headed. From here it's probably going to Alaska. I would go there.

Us and a penguin.

Dh at dinner. He's looking pensive.

A sailboat

A para sailor. We had been watching them while we ate. It was interesting how they got that guy back in the boat. Really cool.

A cruise around the sound.

Look at those rays.

The flowers I brought home! Simply beautiful.
Tomorrow is family dinner and then SCHOOL on Tuesday. I don't think we are ready. Sigh, summer went WAY to fast! We have had mostly icky weather and it seems like it was just June.
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. OH IM SO GLAD MATEO'S GA GA was found!

  2. The hair stood on end on the back of my neck! WHEW! You guys look like you had so much fun! I hope family dinner is great!

  3. How scarey for Mateo and his Gaga. Thank you for stepping in. I am so proud of you. When I am there maybe we can go down to the Market. I love it.