Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shelton's Joy

My mom has been here all week. I had to work so we haven't had much time to do much fun stuff but it was nice to just hang out. She has met Monkey most of the week after school. He has loved that. It got her back out walking. Yesterday we went up and had lunch with Heir. He couldn't show her his office. I thought we should go talk to his boss, but he said he'd rather we didn't. (small note of sarcasm) Then we went and walked around the waterfront. We saw NOTHING. Well we always see Seagulls. Not one seal. We had made plans to go see Cousin Joy and Phil in Shelton today. The weather was drop dead gorgeous. Middle 70's and sunny! It was beautiful. We took the ferry from Seattle over to Bremerton. At one point we could see both Mt. Rainer and Mt. Baker. I live in one of the most beautiful places. There is something about salty sea air that just clears your soul out. Joy and Phil were having a big garage/yard/tag sale. Whatever term your neck of the woods uses. They had done really well and had lots of good things/deals. Mom and I both came home with some things. For the best price too - FREE. Yippee! Thank you so much Joy and Phil!

Walker the pretty boy! He got a hair cut. He looks so pretty. I like him best with all his showy feathers but he is still pretty.

Monkey on the ferry. He loved it. He's been before but he didn't remember.

Grandma and Monkey on the way to Bremerton.

Looking back at Seattle. AGAIN with the cruise ship leaving without me! DANG!

The Space Needle. Monkey and I want to go up to the top. SOON!

Looking out the window.

Seals on the buoy. Such lazy guys.

My Auntie's Mountain.

My Great Great Grandmother's original headstone. She has a new one now.

Cousin Joy and Mom

Joy's Bobbi, Joy and Mom

Phil working very hard!

Aircraft carrier. SO big but I still can't picture taking off in a plane while rolling along in the high sea. Thanks but I think not.

Waiting for the ferry.

Seattle sky line at dusk from the ferry.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I looked at your weather and knew you were going to have a GREAT day!

  2. Thank you Nikki for coming to see us! I loved it and like I said, I WILL be heading up your way soon (just as soon as we get moved into our new home base).

    Love and hugs to all,
    Joy and Phil