Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Tree

This week has been the final push to get it all done for Christmas. I did start shopping a little at a time so it wasn't all left for the end. In all fairness though Dh has done most of the thinking and shopping this year. I am a bit overwhelmed and he has actually been totally into it. It has worked well. I'm glad he's had fun. I will do the wrapping I'm sure. I have done some baking this week. I am not doing all that I used to but we certainly will have sweet stuff to eat. :)

Magic cookie bars.

Peanut butter blossoms.

We and by we I mean Dh put the tree up yesterday so when we had dinner today we could get it decorated. It is a very pitiful tree but you know when they are all decorated and lit up they are beautiful. Bugs took over Skater's job and did the lights. I did have to adjust but no worries he said I could.
I cheated for dinner today and we just had a frozen lasagna. It was all of us, T2, Heir and Roommate and then a friend of Heirs and her daughter. She really likes The Littles and they like her. Everyone was really full when I brought a little plate out and filled it with a few different cookies I had in the freezer and Heir and Roommate both said they were getting Cookie Sweats! We were laughing so hard.
Then we got the tree decorated. I love going through each ornament and handing it to be put on the tree. I love remembering those different years and times in our lives and moments that we treasure.

Dh spreading some things out.

And since I didn't have Princess or Tinkerbell or Buster to pose under the tree I put my Scout there. She sat really nice she just doesn't smile!
I hope you all have a blessed week.


  1. oooooooooooo poor little Scout, I don't think she likes posing! Your tree is beautiful and up at the perfect time.

  2. Way to go Bugs! That's MY job when the tree doesn't come pre-lit, and I love it! Dedication my man! AS for tree...still don't have it up Now, Magic describe in detail...and are the peanutbutter blossoms are p.butter cookies with a kiss or star????