Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here is Bugs at his Winter concert. They did a really good job.

A long time ago one of my houses who entertain A LOT made something she called a Sandwich Cake. I have seen her make it several times. It always made me go hmmmmmmmm? I was there Friday and she was making it again and had more extra bread so she made me a small one.

One side

The other side

And the end. It's 3 different fillings

My lunch. It's actually not bad. I can see why it would be good for showers or gatherings. Very cool Mrs. Mansion, very cool!


  1. Ok, so I'll ask...what were the fillings and what was on the side?

  2. That is what I wanted to know. Looks interesting.

  3. WOW that's ONE BIG SANDWICH! Bugs looks adorable.