Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good night Sweet Laura

When we moved here a million years ago I worked at KFC. I met some really odd/wonderful people there. Most have moved on through my life and we don't have any connection anymore. I met my wonderful Anita through there. Enter Laura. Laura had a very hard life. Some of it what the decisions she had made and some of it she was born to or the hand she was dealt. She was one of the most giving people you would ever meet. I've stayed on contact with her through the years. Her son was a friend and co-worker too for a time. He and his wife have 2 lovely kids. John got cancer and died about 2 years ago. Laura was devastated but continued on. She loved his wife and those kids with everything in her. Her family meant everything to her. Laura had very bad health issues. She had had several heart attacks and a small stroke. Sometime in the night last she had another heart attack. Her granddaughter found her and called for help. When I got the call this morning the news was that it wasn't good. Her heart was just to tired. She died early this afternoon. Rest in Peace Laura.


  1. I know she's with her son now and no pain no more.

  2. I am sorry Nikki. I know she was special in your life. Her son was there to greet her.

  3. Sigh...That was very sweet Nikki and I'm trying to not cry. She treated David and I so well, I remember when she'd come over and we'd play video games and have dinner, pizza maybe?? I never got to meet John's family but I remember John and Laura well...I'm glad she's not in anymore pain and in peace now.