Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random thoughts and a question

Ok whats your bigger angst, Not having a clue one as to what gift to get someone that you really want to bless and get for, OR.... finding the MOST perfect gift but are unable to make it happen for whatever reason? Hmmmm which is it?

  • Monkey is reading so well. I was typing to my aunt and he was reading over my shoulder. It's so much joy to listen to little people find their way through a book/story.
  • I missed the Hummingbirds at the feeders today.
  • I'm hoping to decorate for Christmas this weekend. We must get in the festive mood, we have little people.
  • Remind me to put stuff IN the attic when we are getting the Christmas stuff down. I have a huge stack that needs to go up.
  • Bugs foot is much better, he is still limping but walking fine. He has his first concert of the year on Wed. We are so excited for him.
  • My floors all need some serious attention. Maybe tomorrow....or not.
  • I thought I had more to say. Guess not.



  1. Don't forget to put stuff in the attic!!! I have the advent calendar up and christmas lights outside...tree up the 22nd or 23rd...down Christmas night or next? When you are done with your floors I'll have mine swept so you can mop. And you always have something to say...I hang on every word!