Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little bit of ink....

When my Uncle Brownie passed away in August one of the first thing the boys said when we got home was they wanted some kind of tattoo to honor him.  They loved him so much!  So we looked at all his badges and patches and I let them pick the one they liked best.  We saved and made plans.  Today was the day. 
Off we went to see Phil my favorite artist.   

T2, Skater, me and Drummer.  Ready to rumble!


Skater was so zen and relaxed.  He picked a very painful spot!

Blogger isn't cooperating on this!  Those  up there are wonky and out of order!  You get the drift!

 The boys all got the same tattoo but in different places.  Mine doesn't have the writing.  I love that we all used the same picture.  I loved how Phil shaded them.
I was glad to have shared this day with some of my boys.  Uncle Brownie was loved beyond measure and is missed every day.  He was a hero to so many!

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  1. I thought about you guys all day today! The tattoos look good and I know how much Uncle Brownie meant to all of you and how much this meant to you guys to get this tattoo together! Love you all!