Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend parties and a bloody paw

My sister had a birthday this week.  We went to her house for cake on her actual birthday.  She wanted us all to go out on the weekend.  So we did!  Chrissy wanted to sing Karaoke.  She sang 3 songs.  She has a beautiful voice.  It was nice to hear it again.  It's been a while.

T2 and Kevin playing pool.  I think Kevin won this one.

Chrissy taking aim.  She was playing against Dh.  He beat her soundly!

Drummer and Dh playing.  He soundly beat Dh.  Who is not a very good looser.


I was trying to write under each picture but Blogger hates me. It will not let me move things. It's so dang frustrating. We had a great night out. I always love the chance to hang out with my family. The bottom picture is Rescue Rita. We hadn't seen each other much and we went and got our toes done today and had some lunch. It was cold and foggy but we made it just fine. I talked Dh and The Littles into going for a walk tonight. We took our 2 fat dogs with us. Walker was barely moving when we got home. He also had a bloody pad. Dh put something on it and wrapped it up to stop him from licking it for a bit. Poor old man. I had Walker at the vet last week and he weighs 119 pounds. The vet would like him to be at 90. Well we are trying. Scout is a bit fluffy too. LOL actually she is just fat. We are bad pet owners. No treats no table food. We can do this. We all have our goals for this year eh?!?!
The second picture from the bottom is Heir in his grandpa's WW2 bomber jacket.  We were talking about cool coats and I said something about the bomber jacket that Bugs wore for Halloween and heir said WHAT??? So Dh got it out and he put it on and just kept saying Man this is so slick!  It needs some leather conditioner on it.  It was really cool to see him wearing it.  Dh's dad was taller but not very big.  I love it when we have something our kids think is cool,  See kids, we weren't always dorks!
I hope you have a blessed week


  1. Even the dogs have New Year's resolutions!! LOVE it!
    The Bomber jacket is SUPER cool! Love seeing all the pictures!

  2. Yes you've always been dorks :) auntie knows