Sunday, January 6, 2013

We have had some birthdays!

Skater and Buster both had birthdays! 
Skater turned 22.  TWENTY TWO!  How did that happen??? 
Buster turned 3.  Cutest 3 year old I know!

On Friday the part of the family that is over 21 went to where Heir works.  He is an IT guy and does the sound for the bands on the weekends.  He almost never has Friday or Sat. off so if we want him to be a part of things that's where we go.  So we all went and had dinner.  It was very nice and yummy.  We took an ice cream cake for dessert and then we left the rest of it for the folks in the kitchen.  They loved it!  
The big guys are all into hiking, even in the Winter.  So Skater was the only one who didn't have snow shoes.  So that's what he got.  He was pleased.  I hope they get to use them soon.  We have had snow all around us and in the mountains but not here.  Since it didn't come on Christmas I don't need it now. 
Today we celebrated Buster's birthday.  Drummer and DIL have a tiny house and she has an extended family that come to things too so she had it at a pizza place in the banquet room.  There was lots of people there.  He seemed to have a really good time.  He LOVES Thomas the Train.  Well any train will do!  He got so many cute toys.  He has a tiny room so good luck to his mama.  A few people got him clothes and at 3 he was funny with those. 

I have tried to upload pictures and blogger is screwy.  Anyone have a better place to have a blog that doesn't wig out all the time? 

I hope you have a blessed week


  1. Happy Birthday Buster and Skater!!! Time is going fast!

  2. I have not been able to get pic tures for a while. Dang nab it.