Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review

January - We had some lovely snow days.
  Skater turned 21 and Buster turned 2. 



 February - I did a photo challenge, The Littles and I went to Spokane and saw my parents and my nephew and his girls.  I did The Best Picture Showcase before the Oscars again.  Heir and T2 went with us.  It was fun.
Drummer and DIL celebrated their anniversary.  6 years!


March - T2 turned 24, My Anita and I got some new  ink together.
We (as in not me)  did a bathroom remodel.  Spring started to pop up!

April - Drummer turned 27!  YIKES - We celebrated 29 years of marriage.  Dh went to visit with his mama.  He took Tinkerbell for few hours while he was there. Easter.  I took the Grands and Monkey to the zoo.  Realized Buster is a Runner!  We went as a family to Great Wolf Lodge!  Fantastic time!  Rescue Rita and I took The Littles to the ocean.  So much fun!


May - Princess turned 5!  The Littles and I took off to Spokane again for a visit with some old friends and my mama's birthday. Spring REALLY showed up!  LOTS of pictures of lilac's. The Super Moon.  My parents went to Tennessee for what would be their final visit with my beloved Uncle. 

June - I had a birthday, Heir turned 29!  How did that happen!. We had our first Over 21 dinner at Heir's work.  It was very fun.  My mom was here for my birthday. I coordinated a wedding, which I hadn't done in several years.  It was a lovely wedding and lots of fun. The Littles and I went down to Anita's for the weekend and went to Northwest Trek and did a bit of Letterboxing. 

July - Monkey turned 8! My baby is 8! We celebrated the 4th.  Guys like to blow stuff up!  The Littles and I went with Anita and her boys to Crescent Bar.  We ALWAYS have a lovely time.  My cousin Tim had his annual Pig Roast.  My parents came this year.  Then they took The Littles home with them. Dh and I went to Pike Place and the water front one day. Then  Dh and I went to Friday Harbor to look for whales.  We were not disappointed!

August - My wonderful Uncle Brownie lost his battle with cancer.  Dh and my mom and I went to Tennessee for his funeral. It was the most beautiful memorial I have ever been to.  He was a hero in every sense of the word.  We took The Littles to Silverwood.  We grabbed Tinkerbell for the weekend on the way.  We had such a good time.  We then went to Dhs mom's for a visit.  It was a good visit for everyone.

September - Bugs turned 14.  He is so tall and so handsome.  He is doing online school this year.  It's an adventure for all of us.  We went to Seattle for Labor day.  We had such a good time.  We did the Space Needle and The Ducks.  We then rode the monorail and then walked the waterfront.  So much fun.

October - DIL and Dh both celebrated birthdays... I did another photo challenge.  Rescue Rita and I did our yearly MCC quilt weekend.  So much fun.  DIL and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch.  Muddy mess! My niece Coreen came for a visit.  My sister and her family moved back to this area.

November - My dad came to deliver some meat and we got to spend his birthday with him.  That was the first one in a long time!  I took The Littles school pictures myself.  They turned out pretty good if I may say so myself!  Heir took me to a Sounder's game.  SO much fun!  Princess had her first school concert.  So cute.  Thanksgiving..


December - I was in a Christmas choir for the first time in many years.  It was fun.  I would do it again.  I finished all the super secret Christmas stuff.  We had a lovely Christmas.  We were all together and that's what counts. 

We rang in the New Year at home.  It was warm and dry and beautiful to watch the festivities on the tv.  At midnight we sent a Chinese lantern off to send off the old and to make room and welcome the new.  So here's to a New Year! 
 Peace and Blessings to you all!


  1. I love when you do year in review! Good picture of you and Rescue Rita!

  2. You need to put a picture of your christmas gift to me. I am still astounded.