Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Secret Christmas!

I did good 2 years in a row!
I had an idea in the summer.  I pondered and wondered and tried to plan.  I finally conceded that I just couldn't do it alone.  I had to have help.  So I asked my cousin Tim if he could help me.  He had the shop and the tools and the know how to make it happen.  What is "it" you ask?  Well, it's a Barn Quilt!  If you have ever been in Iowa you know what they are. If not, you are about to find out!
I talked to Tim and he said  sure, what is it?  I had him pull them up on the web and we had a chat on how to make it happen.  I said I would have to remind myself to ask my dad to be sure to drive his truck when they come for Christmas.  Tim said.. Ooooooooor when your parents are coming here, we could be beating feet to their house and mount it on their barn and then you could just give them a picture of it.  I IMMEDIATELY got excited!  I thought if there is anyone that can make this happen it is Tim!  So he had things he had to get done and I had commitments I had to do and then it was time to get started! 
So Tim did the drawing of the pattern.  We had some issues and ours is not exactly like the pattern.  But that just makes it an original. 

First color is done!

All 4 colors on!

Tim masking off for the final touch ups.

I told my parents I had to work that last Friday before Christmas.  They were spending the day with my sister.  Tim came at 5:00 AM and we were off.  I'm not a very good morning person but I would like to think I was OK company for the first hour.  Then we just chatted and made our way across the state.  We made very good time.  I of course had to pee first but that was just a given.  We made it to the farm and got right to work.  That light was not there in the pictures I could find of the barn so that about sent me into a tailspin but Tim was calm and just figured out how it would all go.  He asked me if I wanted it higher or lower and I said higher and we were good to go!

Half way done!

I was told there shouldn't be any picture evidence.  There is of course!  Tim doing his thing!

TADA it's hung up!  It looks so good!  This is the picture I used as the gift.

No matter how many times I have tried to move this picture it won't budge.  This is the picture gift before I wrapped it up!

Me and the finished and mounted barn quilt!  I just love it.

From the road.  
My mom and dad were very confused on Christmas morning. They knew it was a picture of their barn but they did not get what the quilt picture was doing on it.  They thought it might be photo shopped or something.  I know I was almost vibrating with excitement and I told them the whole story.  They said they just loved it.  My dad has said a few people have asked what it is.  They obviously haven't been to Iowa!  I hope my parents are trendsetters for their area.  I loved making it and I loved surprising them.  I am not sure how I'm going to top it next year!

I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. And I LOVE love love it. I have toted the picture all over the place including my quilting group and every single one loves it. I don't came if we are trend setters or not, It is on OUR barn and OUR daughter did all that for us. Thank you Nikki and thank you Tim.

  2. You did fantastic AND kept it all a secret! Love that this came from the heart with a lot of blood, sweat and tear into that gift AND power tools missy!!!

    Love it!

  3. Sigh...tears is what it should say