Sunday, January 27, 2013

It has been a tad hairy

We have made it through another week!  Everyone was here for dinner tonight.  Heir's hours have changed for work so he comes right from there.  It was just a relaxing pick up stuff kind of day. 
Now that we all have the wrapping off we did a group picture of our tattoo's.  Mine is red because I'm fair skinned.  There isn't any red ink in it.  It will be cool when they are healed.  Not to painful today.

Here is the 4 of us all together. It was a very good day.

  The girls were in need a new tutu's.  So this Nana got them some!  Princess wore hers for dinner.  I didn't get her picture in it!  Dang it.  She is so cute! 

I had my hair done this week.  When she was done I asked her to braid it instead of styling it.  I just wanted it out of my face.  She asked if I cared how.  I said NOPE have fun.  So she did.  I love the flower at the end.  She was really fast too. 

By the end of the day I was getting a headache from the braid though. It felt good to take it out. When it was all out it felt like I had had a spiral perm.  I thought, Oh the 80's called, they want their hair back.  Well that was my day in a nutshell.  
I hope you have a blessed week. 

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  1. The Tattoos look great and I love your 80's hair...we need a krimper (?) for girls night next time! And we shall wear big girl tutus!! OH! Or get our pictures taken with the tutu's on! OH this could be fun!