Monday, January 14, 2013

A crime has been committed?

The other morning it had frosted and froze. It was down into the teens.   I let Walker out for his morning constitutional and breakfast and then he flopped down and slept on the deck.  When I looked out at him  he had moved to his warm house and bed but had left his outline.  It looked like a crime scene drawing to me.  I just had to laugh.   He is the same dog who will lay in the rain.  Or come home from the groomers and dig in the dirt and flop in it. 


We were surprised by a snow "storm" today.  This was the exent of it.  LOL  I wear shorts when I work so I was THAT dork today in shorts and with wet hair.  Oh well it didn't last long.  It might be the same tomorrow but nothing is sticking and staying.  We would like a good snow dump though.  Then it can be Spring and we can get on with it.


I had Buster and Princess the other day.  Princess brought her barbie with her.  She had tape all over her.  I asked my DIL whats the deal? She said Princess didn't like that her clothes kept moving or falling off and her boobs would show, so she fixed it!  I just laughed!  I love that girl!
Have a great night.


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  1. LOL Princess fixed a problem on her own! Way to go little girl! we are with you too...DUMP loads of snow and then it can warm up and be spring :)

    And Walker likes to smell handsome ;)