Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On we go

Princess and her parents left yesterday. I took them to the airport at O dark 30! Because I'm good like that. Then I came home and had breakfast and went to work. At about 11 ish, Daughter In Law called and said they were back in Seattle. They had taken off then hovered over Spokane for about 20 minutes or so then flew back to Seattle, The airlines was not giving a very positive answer about re-booking so Thing 2 said forget it, got a refund, and a cousin came and brought them back to our house. They got in touch with a friend from Spokane who was here and heading home and they hitched a ride with them. The 5 hour drive took them over 11. It must have been fun with a baby! NOT. It's always fun to see the baby and kiss on her. She is so funny.

Our snow is almost all gone but still piles in the shady spots. Lots of squishy ground.

T2's dog is Bolt, my baby is Scout, I did a very bad thing and dressed up Bolt, who is a boy, in Scouts baby dress, and THEN took their picture. T2 - not so impressed, but it cracked me up! Have a lovely New Years Eve!


  1. Shame on you Aunt Nikki for embarrassing my friend. I miss him alot. Maggie is still not able to play and run with me and I miss Bolt. Make his daddy bring him home tomorrow. Please.


  2. Bolt is adorable! Embarrassed it looks like but adorable just the same. How much bigger is he going to get?