Saturday, December 20, 2008

Freezin Flippin Cold

Just for record I have not sat here and played all day, I have accomplished quite a bit. :-)
It is 0 degrees - ZERO!!! We moved here in 1988 and I think we have become a tad "coasty" cuz this is NUTS! We don't DO this kind of cold. Still LOTS of snow. It is beautiful and I'm glad it's here for this season but next week would have been WAY better timing for me.
I made the sugar cookies tonight. I don't decorate. When all the boys are here they will do it. It is one of my most FAVORITE Christmas traditions. I make them, then when it's time to decorate them I cover the table and put out all the frosting and sprinkles and whatnots and then all the knives in the house and say have at it. The only rule, NO DOUBLE DIPPING! Best cookies ever!
What is your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. My favorite thing to do is make the one thing special each family member likes to eat just for them.. Example Lindsey LOVES Thumbprint Cookies!

  2. Nikki,
    Wow! I love your lists. What a brave thing to do ... tell so many of your private thoughts to the world. I have not been that brave in four plus years of blogging. Maybe someday.

    Again, I say how wonderful to have you aboard this blogging train we are all on. It is absolutely wonderful and I love every word of it.
    PS: The only thing I continue to do at Christmas is send the newsletter and cards via snail mail and e-mail. Any other traditions have been lost in the shuffle as my children spread out into the world and their own lives. I envy you the closeness you have in your family.

  3. I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it. Our favorite Christmas tradition is chocolate covered cherries. I made four batches last week and refrigerated them. Happy Holiday!

  4. Okay so my favorite tradition, when it works out, is to put the tree up and decorate it. Then on that same night we watch the movie Polar Express (this year it was in 3D) and we eat pizza and have hot chocolate. I love that tradition. A new one we started last year was the advent calendar made by my mom, LOVE that one!