Friday, December 19, 2008

Again.... just putting it all in one spot.

Things I Love
I love my husband
I love my boys - they are each my favorite for different reasons.
I love my daughter in law, she makes my son very happy and is a good mother to our granddaughter.
I love my Granddaughters
I love funny movies
I love my dog - she was a gift and is halarious every day.
I love sharp pencils
I love to photograph flowers
I love Hot & Sour soup
I love bonfires
I love to sing
I love getting cards in the mail.
I love the smell of fresh mowed grass.
I love weeding the flower beds.
I love to kiss the back of my babies necks
I love doing a job well and being sincerly thanked for it.
I love my bills being paid and food in my pantry = content and safe

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