Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Day after the Day after

I'm pretty sure Snowpocolipse 2008 is finally done. We have hovered around 38' all day and it's VERY slushy and messy out. It has been a very quiet day. Princess is visiting her other grandparents and the boys have scattered to do other things today. It reminds me of when they were all at home.
In a week Skater Dude will be 18. I will be the mother of 4 adults... seems kinda weird to me. I remember what Thing 1 felt/smelled like when I held him the first time. I'm almost positive it wasn't 25 years ago. Skater Dude is pretty sure something magical is going to happen to him that day. We've tried to tell him it won't be so, but he won't believe us. :-) The Little's are in bed and Carmen and I are going to watch a movie. Night. Have a blessed day.


  1. I remember too. Doesn't seem that long ago since Dustin was born. Nor 18 since Jan called and rubbed my nose in the fact she was there and I wasn't. Love you.

  2. Tell him there is an error on his birth certificate and he's just turning 17 :)

  3. Ok I've read this 3 days.. when is this movie over????????