Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas picture post

One of my favorite holiday traditions is I bake all the sugar cookies and the boys decorate them. Only 1 rule, no double dipping. They love it as much as I do.
T2 and Skater starting on the sugar cookies.


Already with frosting on his hands

No licking it!

WHAT? I didn't lick!

Working hard

Decisions decisions

Santa came!

Pies - done!

Lets get started

Heir with a really funky lure.

Can't contain the excitement!

Daddy's present!

Watching Monkey

You just have no idea of the level of the scream that was heard when he opened this. There is just no words for how much this boy LOVES bugs!

Biggest and Littlest

Skater and Scout all snuggled up

Papa and some boys

Have a wonderful week
*Edit* There was a picture of my mom loaded and it's poofed........ I'll post it another time.


  1. Nikki you are just the best mama and the best daughter! It is such a joy (no pun intended) to read about your "Life With Boys."
    Happy New Year sweet girl,
    Love and hugs,

  2. Mom was left out??????????????????

  3. I thought I heard something like a scream but just couldn't figure out what I heard and where it came it's clear. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Joy for you kind thoughts/words. I really appreciate it.