Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday wrap up.

I hope everyone is moving a long nicely towards your holiday.
The ginger bread house was made by Monkey.( WW on Thursday) He was so excited. He has eaten most of it now. I just kinda gagged at the thought. LOL
Thursday night was Bug's 5th grade concert. He did so good. He had a speaking part and a solo and then was part of trio. He was so excited and nervous all at the same time. I actually was glad to find out he was nervous, he is NORMAL after all. :) That boy LOVES to sing. The choir teacher says when Bug's is famous he is going to say "I remember that boy ........!" Friday everyone was out of school until the new year. We are READY for a break.
We finished getting some decorations out and up. Not doing a lot but doing enough. It's starting to feel like Christmas. And you know it comes even if you don't want it to or aren't ready.
I have been running all week and my house was a pit. I have been home all day today and getting it cleaned and the laundry done. That feels like a million dollars to me. We really don't have TV. Just a few local stations, AND we get the Hallmark channel. If you ask I'll deny it but Dh and I have been watching it all day. At one point Dh's nephew called and a movie was about to end and he said I'll have to call you back and hung up so he wouldn't miss the ending. It was a tear-jerker and Dh clouded up. I hugged him and said it was ok. Big softy. I think my dad cried every time Little house on the Prairie was over. LOL
I got the fudge made today. I hope to do cookies tomorrow. Another one of my goals is to maybe wrap before Christmas Eve. I would do a little at a time if I didn't have to be taking it out and putting it back, if I had a room to leave it out in it would get done sooner/faster.
I hope you have a blessed week!


  1. I haven't even STARTED my baking!

  2. Please send me your e-mail address so I can put you on the list to receive one of my tantalizing, on the edge of your seat, hypnotizing, informative Christmas letters. :D

  3. I'm so proud of Lane! In our next life we need a wrapping room :)