Monday, December 7, 2009


Today was flipping freezing!!!! When I woke up it was 12' - TWELVE DEGREE'S! Just so wrong! The sun was out and it was just gorgeous. IF you didn't go outside.
We had a visitor this morning. Dh took The Littles to school and then came back by the house and as he was coming in a beautiful golden retriever came up on the porch to say Howdy! Dh brought her in so he could look at her tag. She had a license but when I called the number they said they had no info on that number. She was well taken care of but it was so cold this morning. Dh gave her some breakfast which she chowed down FAST. Then she had a drink. We were going to put her in the back yard with Walker for the day until we figure out what to do with her. Dh was going out to his truck to grab something she bolted out the door with him and then left! We hope she was headed home and got there safe. She wouldn't come or even look back when he called for her. Makes me think of Milo and Otis. I hope she didn't have far to go.
I was at one of my Hen's today. Yesterday was 2 months since she had knee replacement. She is doing so good! No walker or anything. I am so pleased for her. She was in so much pain before.
I hope you had a good day.


  1. I bet the old lady was on a mission to get some where specific! I thought about her all day. She had a full tummy and got warm anyway..

  2. Hmmm I seemed to have read all the other posts but somehow missed this one. Clears up who Little Golden is for me :)