Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for laughter. I LOVE to laugh. I love my sides hurting from laughing so much. My kids make me laugh every day. I have a few very funny friends. My dog Scout and T2's dog Bolt are hilarious together. Dh doesn't mean to very often but he can just crack me up! I love funny movies. One great movie memory is with my lovely sister and Anita. Chrissy LOVES happy endings and we were watching Green card. We had been laughing so hard at different times and were loving it. THEN it ended differently then we thought and my sister was crying at the movie. Anita and I were laughing so hard at Chrissy crying. I still LOVE that movie because of the memory.
I do not hardly ever read the paper. It's just like the news, it's all bad and my Dh will tell me what I need to know. I do read some news articles on the net. I do read a few blogs of friends and just some interesting people. One of my FAVORITES to read is It is so funny and I love starting my day out laughing! I wish we could find a way to bottle laughter and dispense it like pills.
I love hearing my boys laugh. I love grade school boy jokes that are as old as old can be, Knock knock jokes from a 5 year old who really doesn't get it. I love going to Hallmark and reading shoebox cards. Anita and I almost got kicked out of a Hallmark store because we were out of control. OH it was FUNNY!
I remember being in Tennessee with my Auntie and were sitting in the backseat of her car and laughing so hard driving down the road trying to not get caught laughing. It didn't work.
When life is dark I love thinking back and remembering that the good times Do outweigh the bad. It's just hard to remember at times.


  1. I was going to put down our time at the Hallmark store and reading the cards...I go back now and again and it's just not the same alone! I need my partner in crime there! I remember the movie...still cracks me up she was crying so hard...Poor Chrissy...wonder if she's ever gone back and watched that movie again or not?

  2. You can't be mad or sad while laughing. Sometimes I think of my Auntie (Sophia) standing at the door peaking out the window, when we lived at Roy, and she startled and stepped back and said "OH a bug just went up my nose!" She didn't know she was funny either. If ever I want not to cry I think of that incident :)