Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sad Tuesday

Today was a day of overwhelming sadness in our part of the world. It was the memorial service for the 4 police officers that were gunned down 7 days ago. It is so sad. My heart goes out to the families. It will be a long time healing. The Lakewood Police Dept. is forever changed. I do not understand that kind of hatred that would make a person do what that man did. Just doesn't even compute in my brain.
The little old lady golden came back this morning. We think she just is going out for breakfast. She certainly has Dh's number. She puts on her pitiful face and walks up to Dh and he falls for it. Bugs thinks he has seen her in the next neighborhood over. She is a pretty girl. We really hope she is just wondering for breakfast and really does have a family and a home.


  1. What/who is Lady Golden? And I'm with you on the Police officers...heart wrenching!

  2. Yes, it was heartwrenching sad. I worried about the families having such a very long day.

  3. I too was so saddended by this.
    was glued to the TV all day.
    Haven't cryed so much sence 911.