Sunday, December 13, 2009

Picture dump

Sorry for the massive picture post but several days of activities warrant it.
Here is Miss Goldie that has been visiting us. Dh followed her home and found where she lives. She does have a home but we aren't sure if they know she is going to IHOP for breakfast every day. I wanted you to see how much bigger our Walker is then she is.

She flinches every time the flash goes off.

Auntie look how red she is. She reminds me of CC but she does not have CC's sweet face.

Bugs and Goldie - no we don't know her real name

Breakfast at Ihop

Now on to Saturday
T2 and our tree - NOT!

My guys that live here plus one friend. Can you pick which one is the friend?

Bugs and Monkey telling T2 how to do it.

The committee


This morning we woke up and it started snowing! The Littles were so excited. However we can only find ONE of Monkey's boots. How do you loose 1 boot in a house this size?

This evening Heir apparent came for dinner and then we decorated the tree. Our tradition is that I sit and pull the ornaments out one by one and remember and everyone else puts them on the tree. Dh puts on some specific ones for me and the job gets done.

It was hard work setting the tree into the stand.

Dh puts the star on.

Skater boy doing lights. He has the most patience of any one I know. He will sit and untangle and do a beautiful job.

Isn't it beautiful. There is a new ornament on there can you spot it?

Here it is! My friend Paula got this for me at the Victorian Christmas thingy we went to. I was floored to find something with 6 kids. You just don't normally. It was a wonderful feeling.

The other side.
Every year I can I get a new piece to my Nativity. It's a Fontanini. It's up on the entertainment center because I have 2 naughty dogs who if they chew one tiny foot of anything up there I will KILL them. We still find super hero's with no hands or feet. So to protect all small dogs it's up high again. I love it.

This goat is what I got new this year. I think he has the sweetest face.

Thank you everyone for your kind words about our fire. I really appreciate it. I never blamed you mom, never not one moment. Things happen. Now Dad and Bryant and the tractor ........ :)
Have a blessed week!


  1. Oh Goldie pulls my heart strings~ She also doen't have CC's belly flab :) The tree committee hysterical! You tree with ornaments is beautiful. I have my Dad's Nativity Scene but I don't decorate inside any more. I remember us adding a piece at a time. I have so many ornaments with little boys and girls names on them, I think I'd be a giant puddle if I went thru them!

  2. I guess I blamed me - took no responsibility for the tractor though. I still can't believe he did that.

  3. OK several things...I teared up a little when you said you take the ornaments out and remember...I can't WAIT to someday have my own special nativity like you! And I absolutey ADORE the new ornament!!! And I am with Skater on putting the lights up...that's my thing too! Your tree is beautiful and someday my tree will look like that again...someday!