Friday, October 1, 2010

Walker part 2

I'm headed out the door but I just did Walker's morning routine and thought I would share the grossness with you. You've been warned. :)

But first.... Bugs is the kindest funniest kid EVER! Yesterday he had let Walker out to do his "thang" and then let him back in and Scout ( who ALWAYS barks at him) barked at Walker. Bugs was so offended for Walker. He picked her up and explained to her that Walker was not feeling good and had surgery and how would she like it if she didn't feel good and Walker was barking and nipping at her. It was so sweet! He said Mom I don't know if she REALLY gets it but she hasn't barked at him again. He cracks me up! Who besides Bugs would explain it to a dog and expect that they get it? Isn't he precious.

Have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to a Mennonite Quilt Auction. This is the weekend I wish I was RICH!


  1. LOVE Bugs! Love his heart! Poor Walker! That ear looks horrible! I hope you have a BLAST this weekend!

  2. Looks like they tortured him! Behave Scout!