Friday, October 15, 2010

Bad News

Yes I know I was yelling. I am so frustrated and so sad/scared/angry/*insertwhateverwordyoulike*! I have a friend who has been given a general diagnosis of cancer - lymphoma. Since that diagnosis she has found 2 more swollen lymph nodes. She has some good news with that though, her white count is normal, they have looked at all her organs and they all look just fine. She has surgery on Monday to take out one node to get a concrete diagnosis and a treatment plan. I HATE what it has done to her. She is scared and so sad. She is normally cheery and upbeat. I understand the steps, but my friend is forever changed. I think you loose an innocence that you can't get back. Like being touched by death, you don't ever go back to not knowing what that feels like. I hope that makes sense. I'm just sad her family is going to have to go down this road. Pray for her if you will. Please.
THEN another friend whose husband had Multiplemyloma 6 years ago just got back a routing follow up check with a high protein reading that they follow. He has to go have more blood work. We are all trying not to panic. Please pray for him also and his family. I'm scared.
On a good note, My sweet Charlotte is doing great! Her hair is growing and it's CURLY! It wasn't before chemo. I think she's almost ready for a haircut. She is feeling so much better. The one thing that is lingering that is really bugging her are her finger's and toes are numb. They aren't surprised by that but frustrated. She has started watching her grand kids again and is feeling really good. She is at her first follow up appointments. Her daughter and 2 friends just did the 3 Day Cancer walk here and finished strong! I'm so proud of the 3 of them. 60 miles in 3 days is HUGE!
One of the ladies in our Birthday Dinner group husband is fighting terminal cancer. They have an 18 year old son. He's fighting against horrible odds. I admire his strength so much. They know the outcome and he's still fighting. Fighting for his life, to see his son, to spend every day with his wife. But the terminal part is still the same.
Sorry this is depressing but it is what it is. I just need to put it down.


  1. I know there is suppose to be hope with cancer and I know certain kinds are curable now but it just means death to me .. you just never quite get over it. I'm so glad Charlotte is doing good

  2. Sigh...I hate cancer's like I said before, I remember there being a time when I didn't know anyone who had cancer and anyone I knew didn't know's insane how prevalent it has's down right scary...I'm there with you friend!

  3. Right at this moment, I do not know anyone who has cancer. Both sisters are survivors but so far, I have escaped. I read somewhere that if you live long enough, everyone will get cancer. Ugh!