Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Away

I tried forever yesterday to get this to load. Grrrrrrr Blogger!
This past weekend my friend Rita and I went on a little get away. She grew up Mennonite and every year all over the country they have what is called MCC sales. It's quilt and other donated things for the yearly fund raiser for missions. They do such good things in this country and others.

Rita in downtown Ritzville

Rita and I. I had hung the camera in a tree and set the timer and RAN. It was HILARIOUS. I'm pretty sure I inhaled a bug!

Thirsty Rita

She isn't trying to look angelic she was throwing water into the air, see the drops?

Ritzville has about 30 people in it. That's a lot of churches! We were at the Menno Mennonite - 20 miles West one.

This reminds me of the scene If you build it they will come. This church is in the middle of BFE and people come from MILES around. It's just wonderful.

This was one of my fave's. I think it went for $3500.o0. It is hand quilted and pieced. AND King size. Just beautiful. No it's probably not worth $3500 but it is a fund raiser so people come expecting to pay.

This was my second fave. It went for $3300. I REALLY need to go back to Tn. to the quilt shop I love there with money in hand!

This one went for $2000 something....

Rita again. We were headed to the baked goods booth. Neither of us bought anything. Not because it all didn't look good! We just decided to not.

The set up for the auction of the quilts. They are experts at this.

This guy is HILARIOUS! At one point he took the quilt from the bed and ran into the people so they could feel it and see it up close so he could make them up their bids - THEY DID!

Isn't this just beautiful!

The Mennonite cemetery. They have done some work on it but it still needs some love and attention.

Mt. Rainer from Ryegrass with a halo.

Our favorite fruit stand outside of Leavenworth.

Rita and some random dude and his newfy!

I just thought this was a cool picture.

We took this ride last year. It's way cool!

I just love Leavenworth.
It was very nice to get away and relax with my friend. If at all possible I will go again next year.
Have a blessed week.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this adventure. It looks like fun for me and would have loved to join you. This is my favorite type of post, real life, ain't it grand? Peace

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. Where did you find
    Paul Bunyan and his dog named blue ;)

  3. The cemetary kinda shocked me...I guess I always think they are green and grassy...theirs is not. I want to go back to Leavenworth so bad! So glad you had a great time with Rita!!

  4. Anita would be stunned with cemeteries down here :)