Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm......

  • Is it possible to have writer's block if you're not a writer?
  • My friend had one of her lumps removed and is staying very positive and now we just wait.
  • I took the curtains down today to wash the cat snot/boogers and a garden's worth of dust off them. When they were dry I went to hang them and they were so wrinkled I had to actually take out my ironing board and iron and iron them! RUDE
  • Walker is feeling so much better. He still shakes his head but not as much.
  • Dh got The Littles costume's tonight. They are so excited. We didn't DO Halloween with the big boys, they feel slighted. :) We just tell them they were the experiment.
  • I'm going to have a houseful this weekend. We are having a celebration for Dh's birthday. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm never sure people will show up and then on the other hand I worry I won't have enough food. I think I just like to worry.
  • I am SICK TO DEATH of political commercials.
  • What I am sick to death of even more? Is having a discussion with little guys about the stupid commercials. I almost would rather vote for the person who stands on their own merits and doesn't sling mud! RIDICULOUS!
  • And on that same note, if you don't vote, don't fuss!
  • A friend of ours had a new grand baby today. Not the best situation but a baby is here non the less. It was a 7lb. 8 oz girl. With a HEAD of hair! Amazing. None of mine had hair like that.
  • Marble tile is a bugger on your hips and knees!
  • I think that's the sum of my thoughts tonight.


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